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Registrar 101 is an introductory course for new registrars.

SEM 201 is an advanced course intended for persons who have a foundational knowledge of SEM and are ready to develop a more in-depth knowledge of some key aspects of SEM:  1) creating a data-rich environment; 2) strengthening communications and marketing; 3) improving process, organizational and financial efficiency, and outcomes; and 4) promoting institutional success by enabling effective strategic and financial planning.

Portal for SEM-EP candidates to discuss webinar reports, field visits, and the research paper.

This course will provide the non-project manager with a basic project management framework to support the successful planning, execution, and management of any project.  Projects may be special one-time events or occasional activities that require a plan to define and achieve specific objectives that support an organization’s mission. Participants will be asked to identify a potential project from their institutional context in order to gain hands-on experience with planning a project during the course.